Rent your home safely on Airbnb while you’re away

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Two bedroom home in Vancouver can earn up to $16,000/month

Have you thought about earning rental income with while you’re away traveling, working?
Were you afraid of the hassle or didn’t know where to start?
Start earning rental income with EASE. We do the legwork for you.

Here’s what YOU do:

Apply to see if your home qualifies to be an AtEase property
Let our professionals come to you with premium professional photography and a sleek virtual videography
Choose a trusted local cleaning company to keep your space in 5-star shape

And here’s what WE do:

Create a fully optimized listing for your property with a carefully crafted description, eye-catching photos, and all the details that make your home shine
Enable dynamic pricing options that automatically adjust based on your area’s customer demand
Streamline the booking process with non-stop guest support that handles all communications, inquiries, and travel arrangements
Provide a fool-proof mobile app that lets your guests quickly check in and check out, whether you’re on-site or not
Work directly with you to ensure that your guests have all the amenities they need for a rave-worthy visit – all costs on us.

How much should your home earn?


At Ease BNB By The Numbers…


Better listings, better bookings. We use optimized property descriptions, high-quality photography, and modern virtual property tours to increase your listing traffic by more than 5%.


Super Host status = unlocked. AtEase BNB has consistently ranked in the 8% of property management companies that achieve elite Super Host status for their clients.


Our goal is to help you earn more – guaranteed. That’s why our property owners make up to 60% more revenue for their listings than independent AirBNB hosts, with a fraction of the stress.


Great guest experiences are our bread and butter. Our average property rating is 4.8/5, leading to an 81% higher occupancy rate than the average AirBNB listing and more eyes on your home.

Of course, you shouldn’t just take our word for it.
Just ask these Ease-approved property owners…

What our customers are saying

Bill Athwal

It’s all 5 stars from accommodating my needs in a timely fashion to maximizing revenues because of flexibility to market conditions. Also assisted immensely during Covid.

Hardeep Gill

Leo has managed our unit at Marketplace for 3 years. He has been nothing but proactive when it comes to managing my property. Leo and management look after my property and the visiting clients equally with great professionalism and care. I would most definitely recommend others to use Bold management to look after their properties.

Barry Johnston

We have been with AtEase BnB for almost 6 years now and have nothing but praise for the professional and convenient service they offer, all at a reasonable rate. Anything that needs to be done for the rental unit is arranged and carried out promptly, by their local representative. Bookings are up and so is the income, we are very satisfied with AtEase BnB, the guests leave good reviews of the property and the service, they make it easy for us.

Bill Tee

AtEase BnB has managed our Whistler property for 5 years. The relationship has been truly satisfactory. We were very pleased with how AtEase BnB stick handled the management of our property through the covid pandemic. AtEase BnB has consistently generated sufficient rental to keep us running in the black. We commend AtEase BnB for their earnest deligency in maintaining our property.

Are You Ready To Earn The “Ease” Way?

Whether you own a luxury condo or a quaint cottage getaway, we want to work with you. As masters in the rental management industry, our team is here to help transform your property into a profit-churning space that will have guests raving. Together, we’re revolutionizing the vacation rental world, one home at a time.