Lots of people take trips to go skiing in the winter months. However, the costs of such getaways can climb quite high. For most people, the cost of travel and supplies for a ski trip doesn’t fit a typical budget, especially when traveling with the family. Here, you can find some pointers for how to plan a successful ski trip that suits your budget.

Lift Tickets

A smart way to save money on ski lift tickets is to buy them online ahead of time instead of the day you’re planning to hit the slopes. This way you save some cash and avoid waiting in the line. Book 7+ days in advance for the biggest savings. To purchase the tickets in Whistler, click here. The more you are able to plan and purchase ahead, the better deals you may find. The convenience of knowing that you have what you need in order to enjoy your day full of fun on the slopes it a great benefit of buying ahead. Another good tip would be to do a little exploring around the Village, because grocery stores and other local businesses may have coupons or discounts on ski lifts as well.

Equipment Rentals

If you own your own ski equipment (and have a place to store it all year), it may be less expensive for you to bring your own gear, if the flight in will allow for that. If you plan to rent equipment, you can find packages online with your lift tickets that include gear rental. Also, renting from shops in the Village will often be less expensive than at your resort. Especially if you are traveling with a group or any children, lower costs on rental equipment can make or break your fun!

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Stay in a Vacation Rental

Staying in a vacation rental rather than a large resort has a lot of advantages as well, especially if you’re traveling with a group who can share and contribute to accommodation bills, cooking, and snacks. Packing snack foods also save money for your day on the slopes! Eating on the mountain is expensive, and your options are often limited. Added bonus? With bring-your-own snacks, you’ll be able to spend more time on the slopes and less time looking for the lodge!

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