How To Get More Guest Reviews For Your Rental Home

I have seen many rental home owners spend a lot of time and effort on achieving the best location and price for their property. This is important for making the best possible profit from a rental, but there is more that can be done after these stages.

I do this by cultivating positive guest reviews, which I’m more in control of than people think possible. Do you want to learn a few simple steps to take to achieve this for your property?

Read on for some straightforward tips to help you optimize your property management and gain the best promotion you can: positive guest reviews.

I know how effective a positive guest review is: it can really persuade a potential guest that a property is worth the price, and gives them an idea of what to expect – so I get more bookings and more ideal guests.

Negative reviews can happen, sometimes ones that can seem unreasonable, but my focus is always on what I can control: gaining positive reviews.

With just a few adjustments to my property management, I can set up a system that is easy to run, and guaranteed to get the best reviews.

Here is what I do:

1. Provide excellent customer service – or better

I consider this the absolute basic tenant of rentals, and it’s the best way to get more guest reviews that genuinely convey to potential guests how exceptional your rental is. I make the effort to provide unforgettable moments for my guests and I know that it will reward me every time.

Providing the unexpected is the perfect way to make sure that guests will share glowing stories about your rental, and nowadays, that conversation happens in full public view online. To plant the suggestion, I sometimes mention it in relation to a gift or offer, just as a small thank you (but it’s wise to check what is allowed according to Vancouver BC law).


2. Ask previous guests

Once I have the foundation in place, I can start to build up my system. If guests have enjoyed themselves, they are likely to at least tell their family and friends about the wonderful place where they stayed.

I persuade them to do a little bit extra and write these comments online. I’ve learned from experience that even a handful of these high-quality, 5-star reviews is the best way to encourage more. I’ve even had success prompting guests after they’ve returned home – a handwritten note or personalized email reminds guests of their special vacation, and can get them to share these memories in a review.


3. Keep a guest book

It may seem old-fashioned, but I still have a physical guest book at my vacation rentals. There are a variety of different styles, some of which can prompt guests to mention activities that they did or particular features that they enjoyed. This kind of detail is gold for my reviews.

Afterward, I ask my guests if I can use these comments to add to my rental listing online. I’ve found that most will be happy to share them further, but either way, I don’t lose out because I still have the feedback from my guests.


Bonus Tip:

Go the extra mile and surprise your guest!

We’ve run a Facebook Contest where the winner got a night stay at Whistler. We even gave them a token when they went home! Check out their photos below.

It doesn’t look like much, but I can guarantee that with these effective adjustments to your property management, you can achieve the same high-quality results as I do. Simply focus on customer service, and prompt guests to share their experiences to get more guest reviews for your rental home.

What else do you do to get more positive reviews for your rental home? Share it in the comments below!

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