How to Pack Lighter And Smarter

In this modern era of constant security checks when flying anywhere, although it may not be true that there are only two types of baggage, carry-on and lost, it certainly is true that more baggage you do travel with, the more troublesome your baggage becomes.

It is certainly possible your baggage could be lost. Therefore it is always advisable to ensure you can at least survive for a couple of days or more with what is in your carry-on baggage alone. If you can survive your whole trip with only that, even better. Here is some advice which will hopefully help you in being able to pack light and by doing so save you a lot of stress on any journey.

Obviously, in order to pack light, we will have to take as few items as possible but with a little forethought, we can greatly reduce the number of items we take without too much inconvenience or distress.


Shoes are always cumbersome in baggage. They are taking up more space than you would like. Therefore limit yourself to only two pairs. One pair can be one of your preference as that is the pair you will wear to travel. The second pair should be supple, flexible and light. This way you more easily fit them in your baggage but if you can manage with just the pair you wear, all the better.


Often different weather conditions are experienced between the places we leave and the places we arrive at. Instead of catering to the two by carrying both lightweight and heavier clothing, pack just lightweight clothes and just add an extra layer if it gets colder. If you do decide you need at least one set of heavy clothing then that should be the set you wear and not put in your baggage.

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Although few of us like to wear just one color which would, in fact, be the easiest, we can at least color coordinate our choice of clothing so that any one item will match colors with the others, allowing us maximum versatility but yet take up minimal space in our baggage. When traveling, finding an iron is often a problem. Your color coordinated choice of clothing should include as many quick dry, wrinkle-free items as possible perhaps synthetics like nylon or spandex or a natural fabric like merino wool.


When traveling through air terminals there are very strict regulations concerning liquids. You should always consider carrying solids where possible, bars of soap and solid deodorants rather than the liquid varieties. Today you may be amazed at just what is now available in ‘travel’ varieties. This has now been a problem for quite some time, so shop around as it may be worth the effort when traveling.

Finally, if you are considering buying stuff to bring back, instead of taking an extra suitcase or buying one whilst you are away, consider packing a rolled up duffle bag instead.

In Conclusion

Prepare at least three days before your departure and pack your clothes as compact as possible.

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