Top 4 Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make (2020)

Airbnb is one of the hottest ways to make some extra money, especially when you have some space you can spare. A lot of homeowners jump into this bandwagon. But not everyone who does is ready. That’s why there are a lot of common mistakes airbnb hosts make.

If you’re planning on using Airbnb to make some side income, you need to be aware of these mistakes. Because the fact is your Airbnb business won’t last long if you give your guests reasons to leave negative reviews. This is easy to do once they leave.

It’s becoming more and more common for Airbnb owners to make these kinds of mistakes. As you know, disaster can strike even the most well-maintained Airbnb setup. Below are just a few common Airbnb mistakes to avoid as a host.

Airbnb Hosting Mistake #1: Lack of Towels

There’s a reason why so many hotels and other traditional accommodation businesses stock towels. Guests and travelers want to have a few clean, dry, and spare towels around.

Even if you’re a tremendously accommodating host, a guest is likely to leave with a sour review. Especially, if they step out of the shower and find themselves forced to stand around and drip-dry.

Airbnb Hosting Mistake #2: Running Out of Toilet Papers

We almost don’t need to explain how badly this can ruin a guest’s experience. Here’s a tip, though: always stock the bathrooms with more paper than you think your guests will need. These are for various reasons. Different people use different amounts of toilet paper.

Don’t hide them either – put them in an obvious, easily accessible place. Needless to say, you don’t want your guests to turn the bathroom upside-down just to find toilet papers at the time they need to use it.

Airbnb Hosting Mistake #3: Not Giving Notice Before Arriving

Even the most sociable guests expect some level of privacy in the living space that you’re providing them. Because of that, you shouldn’t suddenly storm into their living space without a warning. Even if it’s for best-intentioned reasons. They will more than likely feel violated – and that’s the last thing you want your guests to feel.

There are exceptions to this, of course. In situations such as fire or property damage, you need to check how your guests and property is doing.

Otherwise, it’s best to call your guests and give extensive notice that you’d like to come in. This will give them adequate time to prepare for your arrival. It’s a key part of being a courteous host.

Airbnb Hosting Mistake #4: Lack of Spare Keys

Yes, we know it can be intimidating to give a spare key of your property to someone who is functionally a stranger. But it’s still important to provide all guests with a spare key.

Many guests will be planning on enjoying their visit by spending their nights out. And should they arrive early in the morning, having a spare key will allow them to access their short-term apartment.

If not, when they find their place locked, you asleep and unreachable, it’s a sure way to ruin their whole trip. Have those spare keys made before renting your place out.

These are just some of the most common mistakes Airbnb hosts make. You’ll be surprised that even this 2020, Airbnb hosts still make these simple blunders.

On the other hand, those who give their guests amazing accommodation and experience will more than likely receive a 5-star review.

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