5 Must-Have Things in Your Airbnb to WOW Your Guests

It’s already a pretty big deal when your Airbnb has the most necessary amenities namely, toiletries, sponges, paper towels, soap, fresh bed linens, and a towel per guest. These are terrific, but are more or less expected by guests and have no guarantee of a 5-star review. Keep reading to discover 5 vital things that will really WOW your Airbnb guests.

Comfortable Beds

How to WOW your Airbnb guests

While on vacation, your guests are going to be sleeping a lot and nothing ruins a night like an old, lumpy bed and dusty comforter. If you intend to make a living with Airbnb, invest in really comfortable beds and breathable sheets. The fresh scents around a freshly cleaned home are a wonderful first-impression. The beds can make or break your good review!

Welcome Basket

How surprising it would be to walk into your Airbnb as a guest and find a basket full of goodies and a personalized note welcoming you to the property? You could buy a generic, but lovely gift basket ready to go or, you can customize the basket with things you might have discovered the guest likes while communicating. 

Welcome Basket

Customized Guide

  1. Have a list of the house rules.
  2. Your contact information as host for any questions or concerns.
  3. Suggestions on what the guests can do around town, based on their hobbies and what they like.
Customized Guide

Coffee and Tea Bar

Coffee and Tea Bar

67% of Canadians drink Coffee at least once a day. Airbnb hosts in Canada are also likely to receive American guests, where 62% drink coffee daily, so you can see where a healthy supply of coffee grounds, tea bags, creamer, and sweeteners might be essential for you guests.

Children’s Amenities

If families are who you market to, this one’s for you especially! Young children require a lot of things to keep them entertained and taken care of, things that parents can’t just pack and take with them. 

You can really surprise these families with toddlers or infants and take weight off of the parents’ shoulders with a high chair, fold up playpen, and books and toys they can use.


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